Lagårdsveien 115


Lagårdsveien 115 is an apartment hotel. The building is located just outside Stavanger city centre, and there are public transport options and a supermarket across the road

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  • City Housing Forus

Forus Apartment Hotel


Forus Apartment Hotel has 44 apartments and is situated in Forus Business Park, which is in a secluded area in central Forus, just minutes away from Stavanger, Sandnes and Sola airport by car.

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Bergelandsgata 13


Bergelandsgata 13 is located in the city center of Stavanger, just a short walk from the bus and train stations, as well as restaurants, bars and shops.

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Langgata 4


Langgata 4 has five bright and modern apartments. The building is located right in the centre of Stavanger, within five minute walking distance of restaurants, bars and shops, as well as the bus and train stations.

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Lagårdsveien 13


Lagårdsveien 13 is located just a five-minute walk from the city centre of Stavanger, as well as the bus and train stations.

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Boganesveien 31


Boganesveien 31 has nine modern and fully equipped apartments. It is located close to grocery shops and public transport, and Stavanger city centre is ten minutes away by car

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Ålgård Apartment Hotel


There are 26 studio apartments in Ålgård Apartment Hotel, about 10 kilometres southeast of the city of Sandnes. All of the apartments are furnished and fully equipped.

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Hetlandsgata 20


Eight modern and fully equipped apartments in Hetlandsgata 20, just a five-minute walk from the city center of Stavanger. The bus and train stations are also just five minutes away.

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Eight bright and modern apartments for rent in Jåttåvågveien, which is located in Hinna Park. Supermarkets, shops and public transport options are all within walking distance.


Bjergsted Terrasse


Bjergsted Terrasse is located a five-minute walk from the city centre, and close to a supermarket and public transport. There are six serviced apartments on this address

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